2yrs’ worth of shows

I think it’s worth collating the shows I have participated in over the last 2 yrs of this MA. Many were accompanied by excellent publications produced by James Edgar and the excellent work-form team.

Here goes, in chronological order, with install shots:


40 Litres
40 Litres

IMG_0001 untangled laid out wires


A_Machine_for_Living_In_edited IMG_2782

558851_358864197552032_2027297146_n Portrait

736263939a2bce2ed02507aab07cfea5 Image 2

558044_10100875438063879_1702985124_n Froehlich.C.3.Access8783196_orig IMG_0557Bigthings-nothings P1130068

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 17.19.12 Cadi Froehlich

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