Bend Over Shirley At Beaconsfield Gallery

Monika Kita made a brilliant film about our experiences here

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 21.29.25


Having put together a number of shows as a group during the year within our year group, this was a show involving both first and second year students. We had 2 huge spaces but with 40 of us there was the usual challenge of curating.

We had had the chance to visit Beaconsfield earlier in the year so were familiar with the curators, and that made it easier to work with them. We also work really well together as a pair of groups, so when they came together I felt it went very smoothly.

There was a lot of 3D work, which I enjoy, and it feels like there is a real sensibility within this group to the idea of the artefact as object, whether 2d or 3d. For example, James Edgars’ typography work shown on the far right above was made using old blueprint paper which had been specially sourced and printed, showing a thinking of the plane beyond what was presented on the wall.

My work was the Flat Sheet from the MPR and I was really please at how it caught the light and sat near a puddle of water on the floor. The ongoing suggestion of electrical function is important to me, as I keep referencing the material in it’s utilitarian form in our homes.

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