Under The Influence

When we started this MA it was 100% from the word go. We are feasting on input and critique, visits and discussions, talking about our own work and all our work, and all the work we see in the world. This repeated contextualisation and enquiry into these foundations and inspirations of our work got us talking.
Along with Mel Cole and James Edgar, we decided to curate a show to draw together artists whose work both responds directly to the work of others and their ideas, and also influences and inspires our work. Admittedly this doesn’t narrow it down much, so we looked quite close to home, around south London, and to artists whose work is very current. We discussed artists we are excited about, and drew up a ‘fantasy’ list of people to invite.
This was really nerve-wracking for me and I think for all of us. Just starting out on my MA I was still finding my feet, and slowly gaining confidence as an artist and as an individual. Approaching established practitioners who are all busy and productive individuals, would they take us seriously? Turns out that the more seriously you take yourself, the more seriously people take you. And we were serious about this show.


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