Missing Narrative @BrixtonEast

Missing Narrative E-Flyer

Exhibition open: 30th July – 3rd August 12 – 6pm
Private view: 31st July 6 – 9pm
Symposium: 1st August 3 – 5pm

Brixton East Gallery

Visual arts often communicate something that is beyond vocabulary. Language is often inadequate, language is unable to translate the visual and the visual’s relation to words. [painting and music] “will always be over and above anything you can say about it.” Jean-Paul Satre.

Missing Narrative explores what is absent, something that is incomplete but perhaps implied. The idea of a work in transition exuding possibility but not actuality. The ‘mystery’ of the final coming together of elements in the artwork and viewer can become implicit in the narrative completing the works meaning. Philip Guston said “The painting is not a surface, but a plane which is imagined. It moves the mind. It is not there physically at all. It is an illusion, a piece of magic, so what you see is what you see.”

Rose Bell
Mel Cole
Gin Dunscombe 
Cadi Froehlich
Clare Harford
Alice Kelway-Bamber 
Monika Kita
Sasha Morris 
Sue Stephens
Kim Thornton 
Billy Ward 

Guest Artists / Symposium guests:
Ann Course
Karl England
Rebecca Fortnum
Claudia Sarnthein
Gregory Williams

More guests TBC…

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