show space

lots of conversations w tutors about how to present work in the show space. I am now at the moving things about/ taking them out and putting them back in stage.

I am thinking about what I want this work to say. There seem to be a few groups of thinking within the work- some more figurative, some more formal, and I am thinking about which way to present at this stage. I have a couple of pieces which I really like now, and want to include. They are shown below.

The ‘See’ of white wires makes me smile, I want it to stay.

The hanging echo of the cables is fun too, and I hope that stays too. It makes me think of the ‘fuck you’ attitude we are encouraged to bring to the show- the sense that we are making the show for our work and ourselves, not tryint to present something which other people will like per se.

The wall piece seems to have tied the vertical spaces together, and the insersion of the A4 copper piece helps me to remember where I am coming from on this. I am looking forward to getting the phone blanks on the wall to see how the shiny surfaces talk to each other.

IMG_0903 IMG_0901

This fatter roll was made impromptu, and does not feel resolved enough to be included. It is a similar diameter to the recycled felt on the floor, the the relationship seems to explicit.

IMG_0900 IMG_0897 IMG_0893 IMG_0890

I call the white wires See, as a grammatical pun really. They flow, and seem a bit sneaky, yet are laid bare, which I like.





IMG_0888 IMG_0885

This work containing the white wires never fails to get a reaction, so am working with it. Addition of coloured tape was an error. Ongoing.


These in themselves are working together, but the presence of the hanging piece changes how they sit on the floor, making it seem too crowded.

IMG_0882 IMG_0878 IMG_0866 IMG_0879 IMG_0844

The green/purple/felt tank piece from the Morgue show just doesnt seem right here.

CadiFroehlichWhite3 CadiFroehlichBlack3 CadiFroehlichOrange3  CadiFroehlichPurple3

I have made A1 prints of these macro shots and mounted them on aluminium. They are just not fitting with the space at the moment.

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