Rebecca Fortnum

Rebecca Fortnum
Rebecca Fortnum

Always good to see an artist talk about life in practice, but especially engaging as we are familiar with the role Rebecca has as our course leader, the amount of time she gives to that. Maintaining a vibrant artistic output too. Reminds me of my first art tutor who told us how he used to have only the bathroom in which to work. Every Sunday he’d set his alarm for 7, go in there, set up a board over the bath and paint for 4 hours before going back to bed to wake his wife. This weekly practice sustained him until they could manage more space.

Seeing how Rebecca Fortnum’s work ¬†has evolved, beginning with the BA in Eng Lit from Oxford- brings to mind Audrey Niffenegger’s artistic practice when expressed as a novel.

  • Authenticity of the gaze
  • Contemporary British Women Artists book
  • Women’s Hour
  • Skowhegan, Maine, residency
  • Arnolfini residency
  • Visual intelligences @ Lancaster
  • Artists process
  • contradiction, physical body, paint, silence, quietness, visual/ language (can see link to death ask drawings)

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