Frieze 2012

Really different approach to Frieze this year: I unapologetically cruised it with a mercenary eye, looking out for a few specific things. Inspiration and excitement were some bonus points. Otherwise, I was looking for galleries showing work I was interested in, where my work may fit in next year: I was also looking for some interesting Berlin galleries ahead of our planned residency there in November.
Among the Berlin galleries I approached were Contemporary Fine Arts. I have been on their mailing list somehow for a while, and I was drawn to what they were showing. We are invited to a curators tour of the Gert and Uwe Tobias show they will have on then.

Chert also showed some interesting work, and were really friendly. Conveniently they are located opposite the old post office building in Kreutzburg where we will be working.

Esther Schipper were also very approachable and worth a look.
(artist and gallery info pending)










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