Reflective Journal Workshop with Johnathon Kearney

Check out Digital Human on R4 w Alice Padowski.

Lots of tips on the practicalities of our digital footprint. Good to get some structure to my writing, its a constant process of trying to untangle how I write and think:

  • ‘Refelection could be argued to be the essential stage where learning is integrated within the whole learner, and added to existing frames of reference, internalised and personalised‘ Pace 2006
  • Reflection is not what you have done, it’s about who you are when you are doing it
  • Sense making, changes, where am I going?
  • Something happens → what happens? → so what? → now what? → something happens etc

Knowledge: Its a tomatoe

Wisdom: You know it’s not for a fruit salad

Critical awareness: Why there is a difference

Dreamhost are useful for domain name hosting

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