My studiolessness

Richard Wentworth

As I wait and wait for my studio space paperwork to go through so I can finally move in, this tateshot keeps coming to mind, and I find it reassuring and inspiring. I think it might have been the combined knowledge of these words of wisdom, and the people of Louise Borgeouis created with materials she found on the streets, constructed on the roof of the building she happened to live in, which have sustained me during these months of studiolessness.

Louise Borgeouis

Silke Dettmers came to talk to us about her practice recently, and the way she described her relationship with her studio made perfect sense to me. She explained that she has a large space filled with all sorts of things, which she accumulates and observes as they lay around, as if on her palette. The combinations they make feed directly into her work.

Silke Detmers

After thinking more on the residency at Grey Area in March with these 3 examples in mind, it makes me feel really optimistic about all the things that will happen in the studio, and a hell of a lot better about this:

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