(0)ccupy Grey Area Gallery Day 2

Sweep steps. Take out bin. Map the space in more detail. Pipes and wires. 8 pipes, 26.1 metres, 8.2 litres or water (20.5% of average water volume of one human) . 25 wires, unmeasured.

Laying the equivalent wires on the ground below the permanent ones it’s like they dropped to the ground, messy and decorative, no function.
Re-reading chapter on wires in Paraphernalia by Steven Connor:

“Wires are magical objects because they are so small, and capable of wreaking effects far disproportionate to their size and fragility….
Wires effect their actions very largely invisibly, like our veins and nerves. Whenever a wire becomes visible, ideas of injury and obscenity stir…. This is why, for the most part, wires are so elaborately and decently..’clad’; it means that we can be spared the sight and touch of the wire itself, the copper performing it’s ferocious, invisible and unthinkinably rapid business inside the wire.”

Having spent some time untangling the wires I found here, and tidying the space, I tidied up the wires.
Like a shoal of sardines in a tight ball of motion, but I see copper at it’s heart, not silver. Suddenly I can see the mass of wires here.
Measure out the water into one place too. There is no running water, the water is still. Now the wires are flowing.

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