Susan Hiller and David Cross

Well Susan Hiller in conversation with David Cross. Does it get any better? Hiller has now for me, taken over the mitre from the late Louise Borgeouis as the sovereign of contemporary conceptual art. Hiller’s range of interests stretches broader than those of Borgeouis too, appealing to the sociologist in me a lot.
David Cross fielded the questions, and was as engaged and energetic as ever, and it was great seeing the sparks of energy fly at the points where their interests met ( social justice, global environmental concern and in particular the limitations and possibilities of words and history. Or is it just me and my own interests that is finding these links..) I am so happy that Cross is a tutor here at Camberwell, as I have long been excited by Cornford and Cross’s works. Seeing these two powerhouses together was great.

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