East End Gallery Visits

East End Gallery visits
East End Gallery visits
East end gallery visits
East end gallery visits

Dave Charlsworth and Naomi Peirce from the South London Gallery developed our critical involvement in the current works being shown by introducing us to East End galleries, where the curators/ owners were really happy to talk to us about the current shows, including the day to day practicalities of running a space longer term.

  • Carl Friedman– we met Rob Daiment. He talked about how they support some artists long term and visit studios to crit work (need to trust that they are interested in your artistic intent as well as saleability- relationship with gallery so human and trust vital)
  • Seventeen – we met Dave Boyland. Very involved and interested in the development of the work. Gave me the quote of the course “There are thousands of artist out there making amazing work, but if you’re an arsehole I don’t want to work with you”
  • Form and Content– we met John Lindt and Gill Young the curators
  • Cell Gallery – Ruth Beale was exhibiting and talked to us
  • Space– Paul (surname?) Curator. non-profit space, support recent graduates. “A vibrant art practice means the ability to undermine your own practices and beliefs”

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