‘the skull’ by saâdane afif

I really like the delayed ‘aha’ moment this provokes. manipulating the objects and the location adds an overbearing sense of implicit involvement in the work. modernist 21st century style.
‘the mori art museum in tokyo japan presents ‘french window: looking at contemporary art through the marcel duchamp prize’
together with the association for the international diffusion of french art and japanese publication, the asahi shimbun.
on now until july 3, 2011, the exhibition represents a decade of contemporary french art through the perspective of the private
collectors who form ADIAF. 

featuring the work of duchamp himself along with 28 contemporary artists who have won or been finalists for the prize,
the exhibition marks 10 years for what has become one of france’s most prestigious art awards, the marcel duchamp prize.
held in honor of the 20th century french artist, the award supports and promotes artists who lead the french contemporary scene.’

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