Julian Wild

Julian Wild uses materials and their properties to explore the furthest reaches of his synergy with them, resulting in tubes becoming lines which form a visual solid, glass becomes a flawless frozen moment of liquidity, and ceramics take on softly folded and crumpled forms.’

the workmanship and the considered approach to it’s transparency and the momentum of his sculpture and commission work are really interesting to me- and which I aspire to.

Wish I’d been at the private view of the Occidental show at Brighton Uni last year, which featured his peice Doodleform

Since writing this blog I have been looking at the work of Richard Deacon, and I am pondering the obvious connection, and is Wild inspired by or derivative of Deacon’s early work?

Deacon appears to be considering ways of representing the form and its’ construction, whereas Wild seems almost to be challenging our understanding of how the material can be manipulated. His workmanship is integral to his explorations, and Deacon’s workmanship, the process of production, is more integrated into the final expression.



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