Martin Creed

Martin Creed’s show at Hauser & Wirth in London features a large revolving neon sign. It stands 6 foot 8 inches off the ground and revolves at varying speeds. The way he talks about his work is really illuminating- thought not in the sense of critical analysis, rather in the poetic sense: Martin Creed himself seems to refuse to be drawn beyond a certain point when discussing his concepts and intentions. Offering practical explanations such as ‘I wasn’t really sure what speed it should go at’, and that he realised that in making the work turn implied the mother slightly out of control. It’s as if he is experiencing his work with us, with the same discovery and delight, reading alongside, as maker and viewer.

Confessing that he ‘wouldn’t know where to start’ to make a work of art, approaching things from a making point of view, it is his music which comes across as the most knowing, the most crafted of his works. His songs are succinct and precise in their lyrics, often bringing our attention to the tiniest parts of life which might otherwise be overlooked.

Songs such as ‘ABC’ and ‘Blow and Suck’ convey a joy at playing the most rudimentary notes, and an integrity of performance without irony.

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