We told him it was an intervention. He told us to go and intervene with outside.

Ai Wei Wei’s 100,000,000 sunflower seeds at Tate Modern, made as a comment on trade, production, society, cultural history and workers’ rights, are now closed to those of us who want to walk on them. Two enlightened individuals took action and interacted with them in the spirit of their creation. Then were ejected from the museum. Management argued that ‘now workers will have to don masks and spend time raking them again’. Funny they didn’t think of that before they agreed to house the work. As for the workers who produced them- I wonder if they were all issued with masks too? Not that it matters now, as I hear the factory is not only closed but will be pulled down. This intervention in the film is in celebration of the rights citizens and workers do still possess in the UK. Remember to cherish them.

I’m amazed there aren’t more examples out there of people doing this. Notice that no-one joined us out on the seeds.

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