So I’ve been in one of those stuck periods, what I like to call ‘fallow times’, waiting sort of patiently for it to pass. I haven’t been doing myself any favours, by filling my time with the day job, the family, the dog, lots of things really which are not the studio. It seems my work comes in splurges, bursting out of the frustration which builds when nothing I’m doing seems right, so I know I’m on the right track.

As today is my birthday, Happy Birthday me, I’m jolly well going to the studio now, and am excited to crack on with the piece I’m working on for the upcoming Waterloo Sculpture festival in June. Sneak peak here. After all, as my fantastic foundation tutor Phil Tyler pointed out all those years ago, the only way to find out what you’re doing is to do SOMEthing, ANYthing, until it becomes clear.

The irony of this is that despite making work about my anxiety around my digital life, it was a podcast yesterday which was the kick up the bum I needed. The TV and escapist films I  watch with the kids – digitally rented of course – the books I read – The Circle and Farenheit 451, Margaret Atwood, etc – all reflect my fear of the effect we are having on the planet, and that I am becoming more connected to folk online that in person, but I think this podcast gave me a little faith in using this screen to improve connections, that it’s not solely a substitute.

Happy days. (today, anyway)

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