Life after art school and after the Christmas madness

The irony of my lack of blogging since my iPad faded into obsolecense. Most of the info I gather on these pages is concerned with communication and sustainability, buy that didn’t stop the 4 year old iPad suddenly dropping off the map as everyone upgraded to iOS 7. 1st Gen iPads max out at iOS6.blah blah blah so hey.

After all the work generated by and in preparation for Chrimbo is out of the way I am really looking forward to the combo of quiet/thinking/working in studio, and the fertilisation of brain which comes from hearing other people discuss their own work. Which is why the menu of events and openings for the new year is appetising.

Started off by booking for Feb:

RCA Sustain Talks is a public-facing forum for discussion on all issues relating to sustainability and future living. 

Talks & Events – Sustain RCA. What’s the future of the UK’s energy?

Then listings site for handy pics alongside opening/closing dates at

Happy New Year

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