My ‘work and future vision’

As presented in the recent symposium, my practice over the last 2 years and ambitions for the future look like this:


-in at the deep end.

-ridiculous, lamentable atropy

-series of happy accidents which come about whilst I am playing around with general stuff

-select stuff on basis of availability, practicality (will it fit in studio?! like Silke Detmers said about logs and cars), hate waste, this could be endless, so limiting it to one or 2 materials has helped practically as well as conceptually.

-ideas of physicality of communication


-exchange exhibition, distance, lack of presence

-technology to organise, post to execute

-value of copper, stolen, marks of handling by people and machines

-to be included in Chelsea Library collection

-set up ongoing modal of working within a group, not necessarily collaborating but supporting and exchanging


-excited that is integrated into creative thinking and practice here.

-scientists and artists together addressing issues

-mark fisher talk on capitalist consumerism

Berlin, show and publication in autumn


-selected for Cape Farewell London expedition.

-waterways, canals, tidal barrier and submerged rivers.

-role of river in transport, sanitation, commerce and sustenance

-effects of man, volumes of humanity.


-overwhelmed by scale experienced on expedition, brought it back to one person

-specific amount of water contained.

-hidden infrastructure exposed


Feb 2012, Triangle space


One Human 40l

-commodification of drinking water, follows on from commodity value of copper



-Grey area, leftovers and basic provisions

-re-use water, use cables found in cupboard

-reflection of wires and pipes visible

-tidying brought up issues of value of artifact as well as materials


-pipes bent to allow them to contain water freestanding

-futility, humour, integrity


Had no tools at Joya residency in Spain.

-rain happy accident, as was colour of foliage


landscape specific, water only became important when there having no showers. started out liking form,

-really thinking about how and where work installed and shown


U6 Residency at WYE Berlin. Reading Jean Fisher metaphysics of shit following from Dokumenta,

-environmental art by Song Dong Doing Nothing Garden

-no tools. drawings/ wires were there/everywhere


-Sharing a working space, normally separate

-alone together




drawings and representations of things which aren’t really things

CadiFroehlichSymposium2.017 CadiFroehlichSymposium2.018

first thinking about multiples



-self supporting


-perceived obstacle, anthropomorphic,

-detracts from individual status as artifact good/bad?


-influence by Graham Hudsons Works in Progress


-jaws journal. tactile encounter with the material


-salvage value vs commercial value, labour and machining

-continuing to think about setting for my work


-reduced to object of conductivity

-unintentional relic


-oblique reference, abstract of object

CadiFroehlichSymposium2.030 CadiFroehlichSymposium2.031

-cast better, more detail highlights flaws.

-too crafted? less touch better?

trying to cover up



-slower piece. colour, form, physicality


-step away from didactic making. trusting roots of thinking


-raw, exposing thinking



-eva rothschild, mike nelson


-chance to make something big, turned into lots of normal sized things


-investigation into space, materials and textures





‘The input received and the relationships forged over the last 2 years will sustain me for the foreseeable future. I am looking forward to taking time now to really sit with my work and get to know it again. I have not made enough time to just be with my work this year, so the space left by no longer attending college weekly will be happily filled with that.

I know I will have a long and productive career as an artist, and if I can support myself through that with a combination of selling my work and teaching I will be extremely happy.’

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