Reader on aesthetics of mobility by Black Dog Publishing, ed Anthony Hoete

Talks about transport and exchanges of people, goods, information and ideas being Modes, with the points where these happen being Nodes.
Modes include bikes, roads, trains, planes, mail, the Internet and cellular data.
Nodes include traffic jams, airports, letter boxes, cities and mobile phones.
These ideas feel like they blow up the notions of communications that I think about, both in terms of scale and in terms of how integrated they are into the fabric of us. In thinking about communication on a personal level, and how that is achieved I have looked at physical interaction, postal interaction, telecommunication and digital contact. The thought that these are all Nodes then raises the issue of the spaces between, the Modes.
This feels like the connection between my work with wires and my work with phones and taps. And postcards. Brilliant.


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