Pádraig Timoney at Raven Row

This solo show is accompanied by an interesting piece of writing by Alexandro Rabottini, which discusses the varied and diverse styles Timoney uses, and references broader political interpretations of his decision to reject working in a unified format. You can’t even limit it to a genre, because within each genre different approaches are used. It take two turns to tune into this, to start to see the whole among all the different elements.
The work is mainly 2D, with sculptural explorations outweighed by paintings, collages, photography and drawings. There is much gesture here, seemingly skimming over the thoughts and ideas, yet in this universal approach, a style inevitably emerges. The style of insisting on looking at the world from as many angles as possible, continuously.
The result is actually pleasingly coherent, but for me did result in the individual works melding into one larger proposal, that of enquiry.


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