Crit of Portrait



From The drawing of the idea to the trying of the idea. This pipe is from June’s house, it’s about her height, the horrible wires pierce the pipe at about where the lungs were. I think the half ballcock stand makes it more figurative. Is this just me? Is the figurative element of this work just one of my made up languages? To me this work is the most personal recent work. It’s going into a crit next week where I’ll get the opinion of more people.



The work got eviscerated. Turns out everything I was trying to say already existed in the final piece below. Slap on forehead for not stopping at that. DIDACTIC. That word pops into my head TOO OFTEN. Step away from the making.


My crit:

‘forget about good art or bad art or passing the course or getting a good mark. Just make the bloody work. No one is going to read your essay or your blog and admire your theory work during the degree show, they will just be looking if the work is any good. Don’t confuse thinking with making, and don’t do both at the same time. Just bloody make. Don’t make work which is an illustration of other work, be it other people’s or your own. Make work from your heart not your head. Whatever is in your head will come out through your heart if you make enough work.’


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