Making Contemporary Sculpture: David Batchelor

David Batchelor

“Stuff. It starts with stuff rather than ideas. That’s it! The reason why I say it starts with stuff is because people ask me how do I have my ideas. And it is not necessarily that the ideas come first, it is often that I see something and I think that maybe I can use that.” David Batchelor in Making Contemporary Sculpture

As a painter I suppose you would be used to seeing someone else working with your medium every day, so why as a maker do I get The Fear when I see cables being conjured elsewhere? Is it because for me the medium IS the work?

At this stage, where the realities of maintaining my career as an artist, as I enter the final stretch of the MA, I know I have to up my game. And this means: MAKE MORE WORK! make more and more and mistakes and mistakes and distill off the good stuff.

Note to self: remember- when other people have already ‘made your work’ it just means they saved you taking those particular steps, and now you can build on it.

Making Contemporary Sculpture.

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