Carl Andre: ‘I’m using materials to change space’

BBC News – Carl Andre: Art shouldn’t be democratic.

Interiew where Andre defends minimalism and denounces conceptualism. I am struggling to find the difference here on a base level- conceptual art which remains an idea, fair enough, it’s not quite art yet: As Susan Hiller told us, you really need something- object, documentation, happening, with which to start the conversation, the discourse you are participating in. An idea in your head is impossible to share visibly.

But minimalist art feels to me like the distillation of the concept, the shortest line between two points of thinking sometimes, so where is the distinction? Something about one artist scoffing at a different meme sticks in my throat. Andre himself quotes Duchamp ‘Art is anything the artist says is art’, so odd, then, to condemn conceptualism……

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