Mould making

Not sure how sound or neccessary my current course of action is, but being in the workshops gives me peace and time to think. I am trusting the making at the moment- the responses I have had so far to my pieces based on iphones has been along the lines I was hoping for, so I am pursuing that idea further.

The bronze I cut the ‘brute’ facsimilies from was alu-copper alloy, base, valuable, soft.


The previous sand-casting was more traditional, scrap bronze. It resembled a relic.

Sand cast relic
Sand cast relic

Following the idea of the conductivity of copper and the high copper content of bronze (about 95%) I am continuing to transform this familiar tactile object we use to connect with people over distance into something which forms a direct contact between people as they pass it to one another.

molds and blanks
moulds and blanks
wax blanks ready to be covered in the investment material
The silicon mould
all tucked up cosy ready for next layer of wonderful goo/rock hard hold
someone showed me his phone he had actually had gold-plated. gold inside and out!

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