Art & Research : Simon Starling

2 quotes. HOW Can I not have researched Simon Starling earlier? His work is amazing, like he’s made all my work already- what on earth more is there to do??

Need to remind myself what I always say when the cry of ‘They made my work already’ rings out in the studio: At least they saved you the trouble, and now you can build on it. Remember.

‘ I’ve always tried to find ways to use, you know, very outmoded, outdated kinds of technologies and conversations and ideas and try to give them some new life in relation to a contemporary understanding.’


‘To me alchemy is particularly interesting when understood in terms of process and not product. It’s not really about attaining gold from base metals but rather the mental space that that process allows – that utopia, if you like. Process over product, that’s the key.’

via Art & Research : Simon Starling.

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