Simona Del’Agli came to present this invaluable service which is provided by the Arts Council.
Main points:

Free to join artquest. Features include opps, directory and how to sections.
Opps are selected. Check out DVPT poss to fund Berlin residency?
Use a professional email, not yahoo.
Networks are vital. Check out Axis and Re:title
Sort portfolio, business cards and headed paper (word templates)
Keep a database of contacts and email out a newsletter listing own shows
Get on the a-n blog listing
Twitter @artquestlondon #artops #artistworth
Keep comment book near work saying ‘if you would like any more info..’ NOT good to use any email you have for spamming people. Check out mailchimp.
Plan another show after MA show, follow up all leads

Contracts, check who does what, when, for how much. Ts & Cs. Use delivery notes. The are egs on artquest and they have legal advice service. If you are not offered one, ask for one, or make it up. Discuss before signing. If it doesn’t seem fair, don’t sign. No sending work without contract.

Copyright. Make owns it. Life+70 years. ‘there is no copyright on the idea, only on their own original expression of it’ Henry Lydiat

Earning money is not sinful! Also day job/sell work/spinoffs/commissions/awards/grants/license/IP

Elephant trust
Welcome trust
Grants for the arts
Fenton arts trust
Artists international development program

Open calls
Bloomberg new contemporaries
Open west
Jerwood Drawing (yay)
Exeter Phoenix open
Oryel open
Matt roberts
Deptford x
BP portrait
RA summer

Wysing arts Center
Culture lab and ISIS
Cove park
Florence trust
AA to A

When applying. Check Ts and Cs online application is automatic agreement

Then I wrote
New economy or arts. 13th. ??

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