Graduate encounters: Rosalie Schweiker

Proactively personified, Rosalie Schweiker is really inspiring, bold and passionate.

Quotes which she is inspired by include:

‘ There are 3 kinds of artists-
1. Those who have LET’S DO SOMETHING said to them.
2. Those who say LETS DO SOMETHING.
3. Those who do nothing and fade away.’
-Bob and Roberta Smith.
This perfectly sums up how I feel too. I make work for people to look at. The more things I make happen, the more people will be able to do that.

‘The white cube of the gallery is the final destination of 200 yrs of privatisation of the self’
This one is harder for me to get my head around. The fact does remain that people do still look at work in galleries, it may or may not spark a thought in them, which may go on to start a discourse elsewhere in the world. I am wondering if presenting monumental public art contributes any more or any less, rather only differently. Public art, involving more participants, happenings which have a broader direct reach is not for me. And anything which I do present outside will absolutely have to be relevant to the space. Much monumental art is, but plenty exists which isn’t.

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