My studio visit

We looked at the group of floor based cable pieces which vary in height from 30cm to 130cm. They consist of salvaged or donated cables, some grouped according to type, or colour, or source.

First thought was that I should track down the ‘Digital human’ series on BBC Radio 4. They included visits to Cornish communications centres ( which I am planning to refer to in my essay concerning ‘The abolition of work’ by Cornford and Cross which was made there)

Chaos and wires. My work involves not wasting resources, conservation. There is a dichotomy between Eco concerns and the new technology’s demands on resources. (is the Eden Project actually self sustaining?)

Mediation and control. Previous work looked a the water in a body, this could be seen through human circuitry in body. Hermits reconnect with the body and world through disconnecting with it.
Electric cables are associated with noise. The work seems noisey.

Some pieces end in circles, these could be expanded upon, including hybridisation with other materials or objects, or crafted into wreaths for example.

My Flat Sheet work was perceived as less processed than the cables (though I didn’t previously see it that way)

The works have a movement upwards, what if there was a downwards approach too? Not quite meeting?

How would they fare through a semantic analysis.

They deal with 2 things at once, the physical wires and the implication of communication. Does it need to explain the concept or rather let the work be an object in its own right. (this is a reoccurring critique of my work. Why do I always over explain. Do I do that or does the work. Is this a bad thing. Does it feel too forced. Simplistic. Patronising. Dead?)

There is a contrast between the mess of the cables and the neatness of current wireless technology. Combining electrical appliances, especially some of the older pieces I have around the studio provokes another train of thought.

There seems a possibility of knock on effects of a group of cables. Do they effect each other as we do? (ref ships compass needs recalibrating depending on which electrical equipment is installed nearby. )

I see the materials as largely self portraiture actually. Do I make that more explicit or not?

There is an ongoing impression of ‘noise’. What if there was an actual humm or buzz?

The vertical posture is almost phallic. Anthropomorphised into feet and legs. The grouping could work that more. Create a dialogue. Samey.


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