Cubitt Gallery Visit

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 15.15.09

Cubitt is an artist-run space and has been going for 20yrs. They were showing Walk-Through, a film by Redmond Entwistle,  examining the role of critique and discussion at Calarts based on Michael Ashar’s 1977 post-studio class, which was based on Baldessari’s post-studio theory.

Critiques used to last for hours. ‘After 10 hours of looking at and talking about someone’s work, you absorb some of their subjectivity in making the artwork’

‘What you do at art school is preparation for what you want to do after’ No kidding. I am constantly amazed by the number of student who regularly miss other people’s crits. Participating in critical engagement is surely one of the main reasons we come to art college, or is that just really naive of me.

Cubitt is an active and engaged space where the artists who work there are very much all contributing to the running of the space on all levels. Engagement. Setting a good example of professional practice.

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