P’s correspondence at Selma Feriani

Taking a short story as it’s starting point, in which a character is suspended between worlds as the writer, the artists in this show have produced a coherent exhibition in a variety of mediums.
In questioning the authenticity of recollection and documentation, the works drew me in despite the crowds in the space.
There was a immediacy to the works which were presented unnassumingly in the space, giving the show an air of approachability.
Dave Charlesworth presented ‘wander(walker)’, a video representation of his facsimilie of the family photo archive with a meandering voice over. This became more interesting to me in the context of the show than it might have individually, as the assumed authenticity of the photo collection versus the vague sound track highlighted how I may not have questioned the facts otherwise.
Elena Damiani’s ‘replica’ was photos both framed and unframed. The frame sat alive a shelf and the print lay hanging off the shelf, held in place by a rock which vaguely resembled the rock in the framed photo. The subject was brought into reality but it wasn’t quite right. How much has been lost in the replication, or rather, are we being fooled?
Pedro Magalnaes’ work ‘fake memoirs’ stated it’s authenticity in its title, but the images presented were resolutely every day and ordinary, and it was easy to imagine the photographer snapping as he went about his day. The photographs were various sizes stuck directly to the wall,again making them seem humane and immediate rather than detached and authoritative.
I left feeling not sure if I had seen reality or not, but aware that’s had just seen some actual art. Success.


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