Future Map

Slight deviation from the Daily/Weekly continuum due in no small part to attending Future Map at Zabludowicz Collection last night. I quote from the website:

“London’s ..annual exhibition of graduating artists and designers from University of the Arts London …, Future Map … showcases the next generation of artists and designers who will define our visual landscape. Future Map can be an important first career break for a young artist or designer, providing an introduction to top UK and international gallerists, curators, collectors and critics.

Future Map 11 exhibitors are selected from nearly 10,000 of the University’s graduating students from across all six colleges by a panel of leading industry experts.”

Wei Wang

The prize went to Wei Wang from LCF for these very quality clutch bags, the decorative accessory taken to new levels of fragility and out-ranking the delicacy of what might be carried inside by the fine porcelain construction.

personally I was rooting for either these:

Chieh Ting Huang- Urban Camper

Saw them at Camberwell MA Designer Maker and love love love the tension I feel when I look at them as ‘safe’ ‘flames’ encased in flammable paper and wood. Seems like making camping safer or inside should make it less exiting, but these lamps are so delicate and well crafted that they are barely there. I know it’s only a lightbulb, not a campfire, but these lamps succeed in drawing me to them and warming me.

My other pick is Karin Soderquist’s To the North Pole:

karin soderquist to the north pole 1
Karin Soderquist To the North Pole 2
Karin Soderquist To the North Pole 3

These Illustrations, arranged one in front of the other heartbreakingly introduced us to the characters and their adventures before swiftly despatching them to the benefit of nature… a wild and chilly tale which I re-read and re-read.

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