Daily/Weekly exchange exhibition

Using the text The Practice of Everyday Life by Michel de Certeau as a starting point, we have been working on an exchange exhibition with Griffith College of Art at Brisbane Uni in Australia.

As a group we set ourselves a constraint of working within a post-card sized format- acknowledging the act of the sending of our work individually across the world- and sending something off daily for a designated week.

This is quite a solitary approach to orchestrating a show, and risks producing a fairly uniform, restrained result. However, working with the theme in mind, I am optimistic that the daily/weekly concerns we have as individuals and as a group, will produce a body of work which represents a cross-section of our practices.

I will be posting a selection of the work sent by the group daily. The first day of posting is the 9th Jan 2012.

There has been much discussion about the mediums being used both in production and in display, and there are some interesting proposals for work to be interpreted and presented according to the curatorial decisions of the other group, and according to requests and instructions sent from this end.

As the first group show we are producing on this MA (Fine Art at Camberwell), this project feels more united physically than conceptually than I had imagined, but the experience of working with a group of artists from such a diverse range of practices and approaches has been good for me, as I accept and respect different ways of working.

Helping to coordinate the delivery of the work has also taught me about motivating a group and setting my own boundaries of responsibilities.

My own work consists of a copper representation of a postcard, which has been polished. I will handle it all week, scanning an image of it each day to document the marks left on it. I print out the scanned images onto card and mail them each day, culminating in the really marked and darkened piece of copper itself getting sent on the last day.

Everyone who handles the card contributes to the passage of the work, and records the passing of time, whether man or machine. The copper itself, now having some market value, may itself vanish before arriving in Brisbane, if someone values the object itself more than the message it is sending.

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