Asier Mendizabel at Raven Row

My oh my it’s been a while seen I’ve found myself hopping up and down at new show full of new work I’ve this. I recognised the two major pieces ‘hard edge / soft edge’ in the entrance from the Venice biennale I think, or else frieze 2008 but the rest of the work felt so current and engaging that it left me feeling like I was actually looking at right now. No, now. No wait, now.
Objects and materials, always garunteed to get me really exited where made and place here with sensitivity to the space and to the concerns they engage with.
For example, in one corner of the main gallery sits a large steel frame topped with a thin layer of concrete. The frame rests crookedly on what appears to be another section of the same form, both with recognisable cogs motifs in their form. The mechanical function of a cog, and the metaphorical associations are confirmed in my mind as I move around the show, and spend time with images and installations addressing workers rights, ownership of the press and international currencies. This is all work which could have been made in response to the news items of recent months, yet some dates back to 2009 and beyond. I find that astonishing.
Looking at the human role in economic and political events, Mendizabel manages to maintain the humanity despite his consistent use of industrial materials. One of the most exciting shows I have seen in recent months.


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