still life

I love the calmness in the title ‘Still Life’, and I think of the things I make as 3D still life pics.

Watching the brilliant Gilbert and George on BBC4 last night I was struck by the clarity and logic of their thinking, and am inspired to re-approach the 2D with traditional materials portraying current technology, starting with charcoal. It’s good to get my hands dirty with nothing more than a board and a stick, no blow-torch required (today..).

Snooping around for other artists working along these lines, in addition to the fabulous G&G, I came up with this by the ‘Playful Painter’;

Great that this was painted in 2006 and the technology already looks outdated.

I think that charcoal and my ipad are going to be spending quite a lot of time in each others’ company over the next weeks…

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