Kate Genever

http://www.re-worked.com is Web-art, for want of a better word, the result of collaborating with Peak District farmers Ken Wilson and Brian Bellfield, in a year-long residency. This site brings together, match-makes and juxtaposes images, media and associations.

I first saw Kate Genever’s work at the RCA show in 2007, and it has influenced my own practice ever since, in particular the piece entitled ‘Neither work nor play’ which featured a ball of string with knots tied at small intervals along the length of it. It appeared to never have been unwound. This painstaking acknowledgement of the worthwhile futile actions we make really charmed me.

3 thoughts on “Kate Genever

  1. I mean isn’t ‘worthwhile’ followed by ‘futile’ tautological? i.e. a contradiction in terms. But maybe that’s the point of what you are trying to say.
    Did you sell you baggage today btw???

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