Vik Muniz

Vik Muniz

Just watched a really interesting video on TED talks featuring artist Vik Muniz. In it he talks about his path in life to where he is today. I like his view on the arc of things leading to this point. From starting out as a maker of artifacts, he moved on to the specificity of his works, leading to images of sugar-plantation children rendered in sugar,

and drawings of clouds made out of clouds (see first image above).

Again questioning how he, and we, see the world, he began to play with scale and presentation, leading him to do his earthworks series, which involved photographing images carved into the earth, some of which were person-sized, some of which were monumental, visible only from the air:

His play on scale and perception is really interesting to me- something technically really well executed, and looking at how work is presented to us, and how accessible it is.


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