how I got to October from June.. part 2

Visisting Wolfgang Tillmans’ show in September at the Serpentine in London was really vivid. One of the few exhibitions which I’ve felt compelled to walk round several times- and wasn’t just the portraits of beautiful men that held my attention. Tillmans has spoken about his exploration of light and colour in the abstract sense compared with his trademark images of the mundane. Using his excellent eye for composition and his ability to capture the stillness in a moment, he has translated those traits to the most simple prints of colour. Working with photo printing techniques, he has produced prints who only make up the whole when placed together, and it was really stunning. The light inside the gallery was really perfect to bring the wall to life. The stillness within was accentuated by the outside: Jean Nouvel’s Red Pavillion is an excercise in simple line and colour, yet the vivid hue placed within the green of the park makes for vibrant and energetic veiwing. It was the perfect lead into Tillman’s serene works inside.

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