Marina Kassianidou- Interpreting Marks

MA Seminar

We discussed the nature of the mark, the gesture and the trace of it. Does it take more work to hide the mark?


Katie Pratt uses marks as her starting point, then sets herself rules to follow minutely.

Many works featuring subtle marks are subjected to these rules in the making.



Helen Frankenthaler Mountains and Sea involved a making process which then dictated the line.

Marina Kassianidou dottedlines1

Marina Kassianidou’s work reflects on the marks.

Marks seem to reflect the working much more intimately than less direct ‘disappearing’ practice we discussed in the previous seminar.




Marina Kassionidou- Disappearing Act MA Seminar

The discussions covered hidden labour, the craft involved in making a subtle intervention in a space or on paper. The differenct between mimesis, in which the activity attempts to replicate the starting point (eg camoflage), and mimecry, in which a knowing reference is paid to the starting point (eg Susan Collis, above works, et al)

I first met Marina in 2011 when she asked me to contribute a work to a show she curated at Tenderpixel Gallery.

Hilariously, during the discussions in this seminar, as works came up, I accidentally brought up her delicate lined paper works as something relevant. She pointed out it was her who made them! I hope she took it as a huge compliment!!!

The seminars were really well organised.

These are some of the artworks we discussed:

Louise Hopkins receiver

Louise Hopkins works from old wallpaper, drawing on the reverse. She bestows authority on the generic design by meticulously tracing the images, but reduces them to monochrome images, leaving us only the factual lines to consider.


Bethan Huws-2

Bethan Huws at Whitechapel. She takes the existing floor as a starting point, raising it one step. It could go unnoticed, but presents a physical demand to be considered. This questions the obligation and participation of the viewer to actally engage with the work.


Love is A Charm of Powerful Trouble (Detail)
Love is A Charm of Powerful Trouble (Detail)