Susan Hiller; Channels at Matts Gallery


Susan Hillers’ latest show at Matts Gallery is shown in a space adjacent Mike Nelson’s More things (To the memory of Honoré de Balzac) in a pairing which adds weight to each. Somehow they share a pallet, the blue here implying that temporary in-between when changing input, providing moments of escape next door in Nelson’s work. They tansported me out of the spaces, with Hiller taking my thoughts out beyond my body, and Nelson suggesting a sideways experience.
It reminded me of Le Corbusiers Chapel at the Convent of La Tourette, as I was bathed in an earie light, subtly changing.
In presenting what is ‘not intended as a religious consolation nor ‘new age’ fantasy’, Channels employs a wall of TV screens to bathe us in sound and light. In doing so, it captured me, and before I knew I had been sitting there for 20 minutes, worshiping the ubiquitous, all-knowing technology which sits in the room with most of us these days. The factual accounts of Near Death Experiences were undermined by the unfamiliar orientations of the screens, and the result transcended statement, leaving me questioning how I absorb the emissions and suggestions from the big flat face in the corner.

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Making Contemporary Sculpture: David Batchelor

David Batchelor

“Stuff. It starts with stuff rather than ideas. That’s it! The reason why I say it starts with stuff is because people ask me how do I have my ideas. And it is not necessarily that the ideas come first, it is often that I see something and I think that maybe I can use that.” David Batchelor in Making Contemporary Sculpture

As a painter I suppose you would be used to seeing someone else working with your medium every day, so why as a maker do I get The Fear when I see cables being conjured elsewhere? Is it because for me the medium IS the work?

At this stage, where the realities of maintaining my career as an artist, as I enter the final stretch of the MA, I know I have to up my game. And this means: MAKE MORE WORK! make more and more and mistakes and mistakes and distill off the good stuff.

Note to self: remember- when other people have already ‘made your work’ it just means they saved you taking those particular steps, and now you can build on it.

Making Contemporary Sculpture.